Enviro-STEP Technologies offers a complete line of technologies specifically developed for Onsite and Decentralized Wastewater applications.

Should it be for your home, cottage, business, residential development project or community, we have developed innovative solutions specifically to meet your needs.

  We want to offer our clients the most simple, robust and performing technologies for them to comply with the most stringent environmental requirements.
The experience we wish to offer is one of complete satisfaction not only on the technology side and affordability of our solutions but before, during and after the sale.   Dominic Mercier, President, Enviro-STEP Technologies

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Domestic Wastewater

Discover our complete product line designed for residential, institutional and communal Onsite Wastewater Treatments.​

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Industrial Wastewater

Simple yet performing process designed for the pre-treatment stage or the complete handling of your process wastewater and contaminated runoffs.​

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Storm Sewer

Unique, natural and unmatched constructed wetland solutions for Stormwater Treatment. Discover the complete line of Phyto-Filter-S for the removal of nutrients, heavy metals and several other micro-pollutants.

Enviro-STEP Technologies

​Enviro-­STEP Technologies was founded after several years of observation of the decentralized market.

With more than 20 years of design, development and commercialization of Onsite Technologies, our staff of experts have created a complete and unique line of treatment solutions addressing the needs of our various clientele. We believe that every Onsite technology should be developed around principles such as simplicity and robustness and that it is essential to offer top quality after­sale service.

It is under those principles that Enviro-STEP Technologies developed its solutions.

Why do business with Enviro-STEP Technologies?

  • 20 years+ expertise in the Onsite and Decentralized industry;
  • Approved technologies meeting the most stringent regulations;
  • Meeting our clients financial and technical needs always our first priority;
  • Design assistance to Installers and Designers;
  • Budget evaluation;
  • Simple, Robust and Performing solutions;
  • We offer technologies for complete treatment trains, retrofits, upgrades, etc.;