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The PHYTO-FILTER-I is a unique natural and passive treatment system based on Phytotechnology science or the physical and chemical capacity of plant to degrade, assimilate, filter, transform and oxidize substances such as pollutants. This confers the PHYTO-FILTER-I the capacity to handle several types of industrial effluents and runoffs as well as specific pollutants such as heavy metals, nutrients and micro-pollutants. Offering distinctive aesthetical and environmental characteristics, the PHYTO-FILTER is designed to achieve the required level of treatment by selecting the adequate filtering media, plant and configuration.

Mimicking the extraordinary filtration features of natural wetlands, the PHYTO-FILTER-I rapidly blends into its surrounding environment and become a living ecosystem. It can be easily combined with pre-treatment systems like the BIO-REDOX for high strength applications or tertiary treatment such as UV disinfection. PHYTO-FILTER-I uses different type of plants such as reeds and cattails in industrial sewage applications.

The PHYTO-FILTER-I system is designed in one or many cells in parallel receiving primary effluent. Effluent travels in the specific filtering media where it interacts with the rhizomes of the plants and undergoes intensive physical, chemical and evapotranspiration processes. Forced aeration can be provided to achieve superior treatment and assure complete degradation of organic matter. Aeration is also naturally supplied in the whole wetland by the hollow stems of the plants. Being a subsurface flow wetland, operation is not affected by winter conditions where normal treatment continues in colder months. In fact, during winter the plants becomes a litter insulating the wetland surface from the cold.​

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