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Approved under CAN/BNQ 3680-600 certification, the HYDRO-KINETIC FEU is a compact, robust and very performing advanced hybrid bioreactor that can be used in larger project by using multiple units in parallel.

NORWECO, North American leader in the development of Environmental technologies since 1906, introduces the HYDRO-KINETIC, a compact and performing hybrid bioreactor. Its robust design, low operational cost and resistant components will assure piece of mind for many years.

Improved version of the renown SINGULAIR used for more than 50 years in all North America, the HYDRO-KINETIC is the combination of two biological processes ensuring superior and stable performances.

Most aerobic treatment unit relies solely on a single treatment step using fixed film media which quickly clogs with biosolids, requires replacement or costly extensive clean-up procedure. The HYDRO-KINETIC features a unique hybrid configuration eliminating risk of premature clogging and making the maintenance really easy. The HYDRO-KINETIC comes complete with its integrated primary treatment zone making it a solution that does not require any septic tank.

It can be combined with CAN/BNQ Certified tertiary disinfection and/or phosphorus removal. The HYDRO-KINETIC achieves a 67% total nitrogen reduction made possible by the integrated pre-programmed recirculation loop. This major feature makes it a preferred solution for residential development where nutrient removal is required.​

The first reservoir features four treatment zones. The first 2 zones are the primary treatment zones where heavy solids are trapped in the first comportment while lighter organic solid travels to the second comportment where they are put in contact with the recirculated activated sludge where they get digested. The third compartment is the main extended aeration activated sludge reactor where thorough aeration and mixing occurs and soluble organic matter is transformed into biosolids and armless by-products. The last settling zone assure separation of the highly treated effluent with the biosolids which are recirculated in the primary treatment zone for further treatment and digestion. After passing through the flow equalization device assuring optimal retention time in the reactor, the effluent travels to the last reservoir containing fix film media where final filtration and biological degradation and polishing occurs. This tank than releases clear and highly treated effluent ready for final infiltration in any of the dispersal method allowed in the Ontario Building Code.

The HYDRO-KINETIC is entirely preassembled in robust concrete reservoir for ease of installation.

The HYDRO-KINETIC is offered in various models ranging from 1260 L/day to 5 670 L/day capacity. Several unit can be used in parallel to handle flow rates over 10 000 L/day.

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  • Proven process assuring performance
  • No septic tank required
  • robust and reliable components
  • Lower maintenance fee
  • Adapts to all types of dwellings
  • Tested for Canadian cold climate
  • Maintenance done by independant qualified technicians
  • Only certified technology that accepts water softeners


Performances du HYDRO-KINETIC from Enviro-STEP Technologies, sold here > Ontario


Dessins Techniques 1260L à 3780 L
PDF 1200Ko
Dessins Techniques 1260L à 3780L
BNQ 3680-910 Certificate
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Can BNQ 3680-600 Certificate
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