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​FILTRO-FLEX is a prefabricated intermittent recirculating filter module producing high quality effluent. FILTRO-FLEX is specifically designed for its ease of installation and most importantly the capacity of adding modules easily to increase the site capacity. It makes the FILTRO-FLEX a system that evolves at the same rate of your project. Land developers and any multi-phase projects such as campgrounds appreciate this advantage where it assures a minimum investment and easy and flexible capacity increase.

The module is made of an optimized concrete reservoir that can be handled by standard lifting equipment and medium to large capacity excavation machinery. The modules can sustain hydrostatic pressure and be buried up to 33% of the height of the module in saturated soil conditions. Each module comes with its pre-cut calibrated low-pressure distribution system, venting and collection device. For every project, Enviro-STEP Technologies source the best readily available filtering media required to meet the performances. As a standard configuration, the FILTRO-FLEX uses clean 1 to 3 mm (1/8) clear washed gravel or 1 to 3 mm coarse washed sand.

The concept of recirculating filters relies on the blending of a portion untreated primary effluent with filtered effluent in a mixing and dosing tank. The wastewater is dosed using a low pressure distribution system over the coarse media filters within the FILTRO-FLEX modules. The filtered effluent is collected at the bottom of the filters and is drained back to the mixing and dosing tank. This multiple passes allow for the use of coarser media which does not tend to clog while still providing highly treated effluent.

By adjusting the recirculation ratio, it is possible to achieve nitrogen removal. Each filter can treat between 1400 to 2400 liters per day depending on the strength of the sewage to handle. When an increase of capacity is required, it is very easy to add more filters to an existing train. Enviro-STEP Technologies technical personal will assist you in your design.

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  • Robust
  • Passive
  • Modular and pre-assembled


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