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BIO-REDOX is a pre-treatment unit designed to lower BOD and COD content of a high strength wastewater application such as restaurants, road service centers, food processing applications, etc.

It is custom designed to your application by our Engineers and uses simple advanced oxidation processes in a preassembled completely mixed biological reactor. The standard design involves preliminary treatment using a grease interceptor prior to the BIO-REDOX. The BIO-REDOX includes the biological reactor with all its aeration components as well as an optimized static settling reservoir trapping and storing biosolids between pump outs. Once pretreated with the BIO-REDOX, the effluent can be directed toward the septic tank and further treated by any standard secondary treatment systems. It is by far the most efficient, flexible and economical way to handle high strength wastewater in onsite projects.

BIO-REDOX is available in two different configuration: BIO-REDOX and BIO-REDOX PLUS. The first one is a simple completely mixed suspended biomass bioreactor designed in prefabricated module for easy site installation. It comes complete with its aeration system and settling and biosolids storage tank. Being located upstream from the septic tank it give an additional safety factor for biosolids decantation and retention. The BIO-REDOX PLUS version is a optimized and more compact configuration using fixed film media technology within the aeration tank to increase the surface loading rate. Enviro-STEP Technologies provides design assistance to select the best configuration for your project.​

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