Enviro-STEP Technologies offers a full line of specialized products specifically developed for domestic wastewater, Commercial, Institutional and Communal applications.

Should you look for an onsite treatment solution to an entire subdivision, large commercial facility, campground, gas-station, small community or any other domestic wastewater application with flowrate higher than 10 000 liters per day, Enviro-STEP Technologies has the perfect solution for your project. We guarantee that we will offer you the best available technologies to meet your environmental and financial needs.

Our innovative technologies offer unique advantages for commercial buildings, residential developers, mobile home parks and small communities.

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The ELJEN GSF is the most passive, economical and performing APPROVED advanced treatment system of its kind.

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Proven and compact advanced solution certified under CAN/BNQ 3680-600, the Hydro-Kinetic is the most robust and performing bioreactor technology.

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Pretreatment of high strength wastewater in a preassembled and ready to install module.

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Modular recirculating gravel filter offering ideal flexibility for phased projects.

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Compact and offering the best effluent quality possible, our membrane bioreactor uses ALFA-LAVAL unique gravity flux membrane modules.

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Engineered Wetland Technology offered in various configurations. Blending beautifully in its environment and offering superior performances.

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We offer several passive disinfection technologies such as UV reactors and lateral sand filters.

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Phosphorus Removal

We offer passive phosphorus removal solutions as well as conventional coagulant injections, all offered in modular and preassembled configurations.

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Lift stations, dosing tanks, control panels, flow distribution, concrete or fiberglass reservoirs, etc. Enviro-STEP Technologies extended network of partners allows us to be your unique source of technologies and onsite components for your project.